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Jewelry Care

For Any Jewelry

To keep any jewelry in the best condition possible we recommend these best practices:

  • Do not wear your jewelry in the shower, swimming, the sauna, or anywhere that your pieces will be affected by moisture.

  • Store them in the original box or plastic bags to keep them protected and store them away from humid areas (i.e. the bathroom). 

  • We do not recommend you wear your jewelry while sleeping. Although many of our designs are made with a slightly thicker wire that retains their shape well, undue pressure from laying on them may deform the design.

  • When removing jewelry, we recommend regularly wiping off excess oils from your skin with a soft cloth. This will help prevent tarnishing. 

  • Put all jewelry on after you have applied all cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, and hairspray. These products can contain chemicals that can damage your jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

We recommend using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth for all sterling silver jewelry. This is one of the best polishing cloths on the market and can be used on a variety of metals. Find them on Amazon or Etsy. 

Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold Filled Jewelry can be cared for in the same way solid gold jewelry is cared for. It typically does not tarnish or fade but may need a bit of buffing using a flannel or 100% cotton cloth. 

Niobium Jewelry

Niobium does not tarnish is very low maintenance. Wipe away excess oils and debris with a flannel or 100% cotton cloth. 

Brass and Copper Jewelry

Some Jovy Rockey Jewelry incorporates brass or copper components. Brass and copper will age over time and develop what is called patina or oxidation. This darkens the metal and changes the character over time. Brass and copper components have been coated with a microcrystalline wax that helps to slow this process but they may eventually need to be polished. For this, we like to use #0000 Extra Fine steel wool or Pro Polish Pads. You can find steel wool at most hardware stores and Pro Polish Pads are available on Etsy or Amazon. Some folks swear by using toothpaste or a baking soda/lemon juice mixture to remove patina. We recommend taking these methods with a grain of salt as they may not work with all metals. 

If you would like your pieces to be re-waxed, please contact us and we can work with you on the details to make that happen.